Coppice Products

Pea Sticks and Bean Poles

Sourced from the coppice restoration project at Westonbirt Arboretum.

These are available directly from us: by collection from our Yard near Tetbury (weekdays only) or from home in Stroud (usualy weekends or evenings). Both by prior arrangement only.

Bean poles (approx 7’long): £1 each, usually bundled in 10s.

Pea sticks (approx 5′-6’high): £1 each, usually bundled in 10s.

Straw Bale Building Stakes

These come in bundles of 10. We can supply any size, typically 18″, 3ft, or 4ft, in a mixture of hazel and ash.

A guide prices is 60p for 3′ and 1m stakes, 85p for 4′ stakes.


These can be made to order for a wide range of applications, from consolidating river and canal banks to firing bread ovens! The ‘standard’ size is

2m long by 0.3m diameter and costs from £8.50 to £6.75 . depending on quantity. Other sizes are available.

Tent Pegs

Cleft from small ash poles and shaped either with a stock-knife or on the shaving horse, these are the best wooden tent pegs you can buy.

Don’t be tempted by cheaper, sawn, imitations.

7″: 50p each

9″: 60p each

12″: 80p each

15″: £1.10 each

18″: £1.50 each